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Assembling quotes from the Silmarillion -- they either go here, or in the sidebar.

"Am I not Vala also? Yea, and more than those who sit in pride in Valimar." (p. 63)

[ Quote from Silmarillon p. 5 goes here. ]

Ilúvatar showed the Ainur a vision of the unfolding of the World, which they had unknowingly sung into existence as a vision but not as a reality. And then he caused the vision to vanish. But he said to them: " 'I know the desire of your minds that what ye have seen should verily be, not only in your thought, but even as ye yourselves are, and yet other. Therefore I say: Eä! Let these things Be! And I will send forth the Flame Imperishable, and it shall be at the heart of the World, and the World shall Be; and those of you that will may go down into it.' And suddenly the Ainur saw afar off a light, as it were a cloud with a living heart of flame; and they knew that this was no vision only, but that Ilúvatar had made a new thing: Eä, the World that Is."

"Thus it came to pass that of the Ainur some abode still with Ilúvatar beyond the confines of the World; but others, and among them many of the greatest and most fair, took leave of Ilúvatar and descended into it. But this condition Ilúvatar made, or it is the necessity of their love, that their power should thenceforth be contained and bounded in the World, to be within it forever, until it is complete, so that they are its life and it is theirs. And therefore are they named the Valar, the Powers of the World."

(p. 9)
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You misspelled minstrelsy ::::p
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